Large Scale Midwife Test - 97% Recommend It!

A large scale test was conducted to understand what healthcare professionals who are confronted on a daily basis with issues and products related to breastfeeding and expressing milk thought of the Ardo Calypso pumps. Therefore a very special initiative called the large-scale Ardo midwife test was started. 1,000 midwives were asked to put the Calypso Double Plus to the test. After weeks of testing, the feedback confirmed that the experts loved the Calypso Double Plus breast pump.

97% of midwives recommended the Calypso Double Plus. Just as many found that it met their hygiene standards for a product of this type really well. Almost all testers were also impressed with the "Vacuum Seal" technology and the Ardo name represents tried and tested quality, which is increasingly appreciated in the market.


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