Ardo Calypso - Features & Benefits

When a mom wants to express milk regularly and over an extended period of time without restricting her freedom in any way, the Calypso breast pump is the ideal choice. The pump is very quiet to operate so milk can be expressed comfortably and discreetly without sacrificing suction strength. The Calypso electric breast pump is for moms who still want to enjoy their freedom when breastfeeding and who want maximum flexibility.

Only Half As Loud - Its 50% Quieter!

According to a market research study conducted, the level of noise made by a breast pump is an important feature for most breastfeeding moms. A noise study was conducted to observe the noise levels emitted by the Calypso breast pump in comparison to other top commercially available electric breast pumps on the market. The results captured above shows that Calypso is 50% quieter than all the other pumps tested. See how much quieter the Calypso Double Plus electric breast pump is in this video.

100% Protection Against Contamination and Infections

The proven “Vacuum Seal” technology serves as a 100% barrier against bacteria and ensures that no breast milk or impurities can enter the connecting tube or pump. This provides reliable protection against contamination of the breast milk and thus prevents infection.

Adjust to mom's personal needs & baby's suction pattern 

All Calypso breast pumps can be adapted to the mom’s personal needs and to the baby’s individual suction pattern at any time. The vacuum intensity and cycle settings can be individually adjusted to get the most comfortable stimulation or expression mode any time.

Unique Guarantee

With its extended guarantee, irrespective of the purchase date, Calypso comes with a complete function guarantee for an operating time of 400 hours.


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