Calypso – 50% Quieter and Still Powerful

Ultra silent & gentle – Enjoy more peace and quiet for you and your baby

The Calypso electric breast pump is the quietest electric breast pump currently on the market that we know of, and it is also very gentle. This means that they can be used discreetly wherever you are and in any situation. With a breast pump as silent and gentle as Calypso, it’s easy to multitask, such as making a telephone call, browsing the web or reading.

In comparison with many other commercially available breast pumps, Calypso has been proved to be 50% quieter, while still being powerful.

A scientific noise study

According to a market research study conducted by Transparency Market Research, the level of noise made by a breast pump is an important feature for most breast-feeding mothers.

Therefore, a scientific noise study was conducted by an independent engineering firm Müller-BBM near Munich, Germany. The study observed the noise levels emitted by the Calypso breast pump in comparison to other top commercially available electric breast pumps on the market. The other breast pumps that were tested were Medela (Pump in Style, Swing, Freestyle, Swing Maxi), Ameda - Purely Yours, Phillips Avent (SCF 332, SCF 334) and Lansinoh – Affinity Pro.

The results

The measurements, which were taken in expression mode at the maximum vacuum setting in each case, showed that the Calypso was quieter than all the other pumps tested. The Calypso single pump reached a noise level of only 46.0 decibels, while the Calypso double pump reached a mere 46.4 decibels – about the same as a radio set to a low volume. While in use, the Calypso is 50% quieter than comparable products – and now the test results confirm this.

Chester's Babies - Calypso Noise Study

A comparison of breast pumps tested

Quiet and powerful, yet pleasantly gentle

If a new mother wants to express milk regularly and for long periods of time without any restrictions, the Calypso breast pump is the most convincing choice. Calypso is the quietest electric breast pump we know of.

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